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I have literally spent years developing patterns and processes to improve my floats.  I got my inspiration from the sheer frustration of suffering breakages from shop bought floats.  Many anglers live with it and strengthen mass produced floats themselves, but why should you have to?  Some manufacturers even recommend applying a secondary coat of hard varnish to strengthen them.  I personally think this is unacceptable but due to the low manufacturing costs, unfortunately this is unavoidable.


Boddington MFS Match July 2010

Match Stats


Venue:      Boddington Reservoir

Weather:   Hot & sunny.  Light breeze.  Precedign days bright and clear

Peg:            Drew 96.  Approx 28 Fished but other matches were on the lake

Result:     191lb (7th overall)



Draw time was 9.30, fishing 12.00 until 6.00pm so plenty of time for setup.  This is my first visit to Boddington and I was really looking forward to it.  A few of my mates fish it so I called and mailed a few of them for information.  We had pegs from 70 to 100 and from what I was told this was the best part of the lake and ideally a draw 75 to 90 would be considered good.  I did some preperation and sourced a sack of 11mm Skretting for the tip and wag and micros for the method.  I was told by a few that a pole was a no no but Mike Stimpton said that if I drew on the concrete pegs then a margin pole would be worth bringing as fish can come close and be ignored by many anglers.  I decided to pack 3 rods, wag, method and straight lead and my margin pole. 

packed to the hilt with bait I set out and soon got lost about a mile from the venue where I met up with Chris Telling who was also lost.  Soon we managed to find it and the car park was already brimming with the rest of the MFS crew.  Draw time got me 96 and I had a chat with Thorpy and it was on the point and can be good if the water level was not too far down.  I loaded up and made my way round to the ramp.  Holy *hit that is steep and thanks to the balif for the hand up as there was no way on this earth that you could make it up there on your own.  Some right idiot must have designed it and someone is going to get hurt – it is that bad. 

Walking down past the match underway I saw a few catching on the method and fancied the concrete pegs, especially the bush around 88!  if this had depth then it could produce a good weight short.  After what seemed like an age I finally arrived and I was one before the point and the water was right down.  I had a beach to fish on.  Setting up I was getting concerned about the water depth as my nets were barely covered.  I wished I had brought waders and my platform log legs to get out.  I was concerned that the bigger carp would not want to come into the shallow water. 

I set up a Prestons inline large 30g method with a 50mm length of 0.22mm Gamakaksu Super G-Line to a 14 Drennan carp feeder.  This was tied with band on the hair.  I also had some size 18 carp feeders on the same line tied up so I could fish dead reds, on the off chance that it was going to be hard.  The straight lead was a 30g lead on a sliding link to a Korum quick change bead.  A 300mm hooklink tied up to the same spec as the method rod.  There was no chance of me isong the pole so I set up a big wag.  I don;t own many of these and none over 5g so I knocked some up from the HD-Foam the night before.  A quick paint job and sorted.  I will post these big wags up on the floats section as they are superb and fly really straight without any flights. 


12.00pm and I chucked the waggler for a rage check and pinged some pellets.  30 turns got me about 40 yards and into about 4ft of water.  I was going to fish this line with the waggler and the lead and if I didn’t get a response, opt for a chuck to infinity and beyond on the method.  I had Ian two pegs to my right on the point and he chucked the lead rod out and was in within a minute!  I chucked out the lead rod and pinged 11’s over the top.  No signs and Ian was on his third fish.  Then the  rod flew round and I was in for a few seconds then I got broke.  Not too bothered I set up again and chucked back out.  Ian was on his fifth fish already and they looked pretty lumpy.  Within 5 minutes the tip went round again and this time it screemed off.  I managed to get it within 20m of the bank and it come off.  Bollocks!  This happened another 6 times and I couldn;t understand it.  I tested the 0.22 and it was sound yet I was breaking and not in the same place either.  Ian was on his 10th fish and I was gettting the right hump.  I Decided to take it easy on the next one and slackened the drag right off.  The next bite flew off and the fish ripped 20 yards off the spool in a flash but I kept my cool and took my time.  I then felt was the problem was.  About 20 yards out there was either a boulder or a sharp drop off and I could feel the line chaffing across it.  I Immediately stood up and put the rod in the air and the fish came up and over into the shallow water where I had a right battle getting it to come in close.  Fish in the bag and not a bad one at 8lb.  Ian was flying and didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes between fish.  I managed to keep a steady run but bites were around every 10 minutes and I was still  losing th eodd fish due to the shallow water.  If it ws more than 10lb then they hated comming on close with their backs out of the water and I lost a few.  Half way through the match bites dried up and I reconed I had had 10 fish at about 7lb a pop.  I couldn;t see many being caught to the left but Ian was saying the guys to the right were bagging. 

I decided to up the feed to a pouch every 30 secs to see if I could pull some fish round and in the last hour it seemed to work as I was getting a steady run of proper fish but not as fast as I had hoped.  On the whistle I was happy I had caught a few but well miffed that I had lost so many, I estimated it at 100lb and was kicking myself. 

I helped on the scales and the guys to my left had less than a ton, I went 191lb with the biggest going 15lb!  Ian fished a superb match and had 346lb for a PB.  Next was 195lb and a 186lb so I just missed out on a section win by default.  Other good weights came from the favoured pegs and Chris Telling had caught late on Paste for 259lb. If he had come short earlier he recons he would have done 350+.  Guy on 88 (bush) fished short for anothe 240lb and there were a few other weights from 195 – 205. 

In general it was a good match and I could have framed, I doubt I would have had 300+ but a high 250+ was up for grabs.

Lessons Learnt

1. Prep. Prep Prep (as usual)

2. Bait choice.  Should have taken 8’s too

3. Line and hook lengths.  Back to the Silstar next time…





 The MP² is a Margin Paste Float deisgned in conjunction with Southern Match Angler Mark Poppleton. 


Body:     Duracell Foam 20mm

Tip:         1.8mm Flexy Hollow 40mm

Stem:    Black 1.0mm glass

Eye:     Spring, body or none

Size:    One Size



The float has been disigned to offer the best possible compromise between stability and overall body length.  During the design many body patterns, stem and tip length cobinations were tested and the best of all three were combined.  It can easily be fished at 16m or more tight to the far bank in as little as 1ft depths.  Also well suited for the inside line this float is as strong as possible.  The tip material is custom designed and is manufactured from  flexible high impact plastic.  If the tip bends out of shape, simply bend it back.  This enable the float to pass through vegitation and cope with big elastics and lost fish where the pressures on the float are greatest. 

Fitted with either spring, body or no eye at all.  It is designed in one size theat takes approximately 0.1g of shot to initially cock the float, this can be placed directly below the float or ideally at half depth.  Paste can then be used to fully set the tip.



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